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How do I know my child is dyslexic?

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Question. How do I know my child is dyslexic?

Answer. Listed on this web site are tell-tail signs for dyslexia.  Through an assessment by a educational psychologist, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the strength and weakness of your child.  This is often very expensive and even tho it is nice to have  a diagnosis in writing it very often where the psychologists work ends.


5 Responses to “How do I know my child is dyslexic?”
  1. dyslexia is not that debiliating but it is somewhat limiting to the kind of job that you can get~;’

  2. Amelia Gray says:

    my sister has dyslexia but she can live a very normal life eventhough she can’t read that much.”~

  3. dyslexia can affect anyone of use but this disease is not very debilitating anyway~”;

  4. there are many famous persons with dyslexia and it is not a debilitating disease. Tom Cruise is known to be dyslexic *”-

  5. ..` I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ~’-

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